Cigar Caddy 5 stick #3400 Black - Waterproof

$ 29.99

Brand Stage V

This travel humidor is the perfect sidekick for the avid outdoorsman. The Super Strong ABS Molded Plastic provides complete protection from the elements. Its waterproof seal can withstand being submerged up to 100 feet in water. To make it even more indestructible, it’s completely crush proof. Throw in the fact that it can easily handle extreme temperatures & you are ready to embark on a new adventure.

This humidor’s ability to protect your cigars is unmatched. Its stainless steel latch hinges work with a molded lock ring to keep your cigars secure. The inside is lined with custom urethane foam while the outside sports an elegant matte finish. Now there’s no excuse to not take your favorite cigars with you.

Capacity: 5 Cigars

Dimensions (Inside): 7.88" x 3.97" x 1.55"

Dimensions (Outside): 8.80" x 5.18" x 2.08"