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      Surprising Countries That Produce Amazing Cigars

      Cuba may be the most infamous, but there are plenty of surprising countries that make exceptional cigars. These lush tobacco growing countries have managed to stay under the radar. For better or worse, they don’t have the notoriety of Cuban tobacco. They didn’t have the world’s spotlight, but that didn’t stop them from creating something completely unique. Instead of relying on a stereotype, these countries were forced to make better products. In many ways, the cigars produced in these hidden oasis’s outdo many Cuban brands.

      Thanks to Castro’s revolution, the world has been blessed with a slew of new tobacco strains. As soon as the controversial dictator seized power, he plunged the Caribbean nation into communism. This devastated many businesses, & the thriving cigar industry was no exception. Many of the country’s top tobacco producers fled the revolution, bringing Cuba’s finest tobacco strains with them. This paved the way for a new generation of hybrids, & they found their way into countries around the world.

      It’s always good to avoid gimmicks, & this is exceptionally true when picking a new cigar brand. It’s shameful how people flock to the same brands, when the real adventure is trying something new. For this reason, discovering lesser known countries that produce tobacco is essential. They give users access to hidden gems that are some of the world’s best. Prepare to be blown away by the quality tobacco produced by these lesser known countries!

      Surprising Countries That Make Great Cigars

      Tobacco Producer #1: Ecuador – This country may be new to the cigar scene, but they are taking the industry by storm. They have only been producing cigars for 15 years, but it’s hard to tell by the quality of their products. Their climate is ideal for growing premium tobacco, since it’s exceptionally humid & covered in clouds.

      This proved to be a winning combination, & today Ecuadorian tobacco is on par with the best in the world. It’s renown for producing cigars that are delightfully spicy. This burst of flavor is so unique that the major names in the industry couldn’t ignore it. Ecuadorian Habano wrappers have been used in Tatuaje, My Father, Montecristo & Rocky Patel. This is the perfect tobacco to liven up your palate, so get ready to jumpstart any occasion!

      Tobacco Producer #2: Mexico – It’s easy to forget about this wild country, but seasoned cigar aficionados know its true potential. Back in the day Mexican tobacco growers stole the show with their wildly popular “Te Amo” line of cigars. This epic debut forced international companies to respect Mexican cigars. Despite this success, Mexico has generally gone unrecognized in the cigar industry.

      Thanks to new endeavors, this misguided stereotype is starting to change. Mexico is now producing top notch Maduro wrappers that are known as the Mexican San Andres. Many experts claim that these are on par with Connecticut broadleaf, which is nothing to ignore. This claim is validated by the use of Mexican Maduro wrappers in a slew of premium cigars. From the Drew Estate Norteño to the Crowned Heads Jericho Hill, it’s safe to say that Mexican tobacco is making a comeback. Try out their new brand Black Abyss to discover the true potential of Mexican tobacco!

      Tobacco Producer #3: Brazil – Everyone knows about Carnaval, but not many know about Brazilian cigars. Aficionados agree that this South American country produces some of the most powerful tobacco in the world. Their blends showcase the intensity of dark tobacco. This deep, delicious profile has made Brazilian tobacco too enticing to ignore. The first big brand to feature it was CAO Brazilia, but now a slew of companies are using Brazilian tobacco. From Liga Privada No. 9 to other new releases, plenty of industry heavyweights are jumping for this potent tobacco.