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      Choosing between a Wineador or a Humidor

      As your stash of cigars grows, you will be forced to choose between using humidors & wineadors. Each one has its advantages, but only one will completely cater to your needs. To make the right decision you must educate yourself on the pros & cons of both options. Even though there are countless recommendations, one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

      In the end the choice depends entirely on what you are looking for. Each boasts a vibrant selection of features that will help preserve your cigar collection. We will show you the ins & outs of both models so you can make the perfect choice.

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      How to Build A Wineador

      Building your first wineador is a rewarding & eye opening process. It puts you in the driver’s seat by creating your cigars’ new home. With the proper guidance you can make the perfect storage solution that will last for years. We know it can be a little overwhelming, but once you have the blueprint creating your first wineador is surprisingly easy.

      To achieve the proper construction there are a lot of sites to sift through. For this reason we have condensed everything you need to know into one article. Prepare to be enlightened as you embark on this exciting new project!

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