How Moisture and Humidity Affect Your Cigars

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Cigar smoking is a source of enjoyment for many, but for the best experience, cigars need special care. Heat and humidity have a negative effect on cigar quality, which can result in loss of flavor, drying or cracking, mold growth, or even devastation of your collection by tobacco beetles.                                                     

To preserve richness and taste, it’s essential that humidity levels are maintained. Cigars absorb and retain moisture from the surrounding area, but can also dry out if not kept at an optimal moisture level: 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 73-74 percent RH (relative humidity). 

If you find your cigar quality is lacking, it may not be the brand. Dry cigars are brittle; if you hear any cracking, then you know the cigar is too dry. If the cigar feels spongy and soft, then it’s too damp.

Here’s more information to help diagnose your problem, and some information on how humidity will affect your cigar's burn and flavor:

Not Enough Cigar Humidity

A good cigar should burn slowly and evenly at a low temperature, allowing the tobacco’s sugars and oils to blend and consistently release a smooth flavor and aroma. A cigar’s moisture level is what ensures this proper burn. Dry cigars burn fast and hot.  If your humidity is too low your cigar wrapper will be brittle, and your cigar will burn quickly and give off a bitter taste. It will burn hot with too much smoke, hindering your enjoyment of the subtle flavors a good cigar provides.           

Cigars are meant to burn evenly, at a low temperature. A slow burn allows the oils and sugars in the tobacco to blend together, so you can enjoy the layers of flavor. 

A hot sun or even a strong wind can cause a cigar to dry out in just a few hours, losing flavor through evaporation of its essential oils. 

So you’ll need to keep your cigars moist -- but not too moist.

Too Much Cigar Humidity

If your humidity is too high, the cigar will swell and restrict air flow throughout. This additional moisture washes out the flavor and overloads your palate with dense smoke. 

A good cigar is usually rolled with several kinds of tobacco that are layered to burn and blend together. Poor air flow prevents a cigar from burning evenly, causing one of the flavors to overwhelm the rest – definitely not pleasing to your palate.

If one part of your cigar burns faster than the rest, this is known as tunneling, canoeing, or running. When any of these occur, the oils and flavors will not mix in the way they were intended. Instead of a complex and layered smoke, you experience the cigar as simplistic and dull.

It doesn’t take long for a cigar to dampen as it absorbs moisture from the air. Just a few minutes in heavy rain is enough to ruin a cigar’s moisture level, even if you’re under cover. 

Keeping your cigar from absorbing too much humidity is important not only to maintain its quality, but also to prevent your entire cigar collection from being destroyed.

Cigar Humidor

Mold Growth

Cigar Mold Growth

Too much humidity can cause mold growth, ruining the cigar and possibly all others stored with it. You may see fuzzy spots on the wrapper, or white, green or gray patches on the cigar, but that distinctive musty smell is a sure sign of mold. You’ll need to dispose of any moldy cigars, and clean your storage vessel thoroughly.

Do not confuse mold with bloom, however. Bloom (or plume) causes fine dusty spots on a cigar when the oils in a tobacco leaf crystallize and rise to the surface. It is easily dusted off with your finger, and is an indication that your cigar has been stored properly and has reached an optimal time to smoke. 

Cigar Beetles

You may find small, pin-sized holes in your cigar wrappers after they have been stored in warm, humid conditions. These holes are indicative of a beetle problem. If brown tobacco dust falls out when you tap the end of the cigar against a table, you have a beetle outbreak. 

Tobacco beetles are tiny insects that thrive when the temperature is damp and warm. They feed on tobacco leaves and will destroy your entire cigar collection if you don’t act quickly. Cigars with holes should be disposed of immediately; unaffected cigars can be placed in a zippered plastic bag and placed in the freezer for three days, then moved to the refrigerator for another day to prevent shock from changing temperatures. 

Wash your humidor thoroughly with a damp cloth, check the gauges, and consider your storage location to prevent another infestation.

Optimal Cigar Storage

The best way to protect your cigar collection from drying out or becoming damp is to store them in a cigar humidor. Humidors are designed to reproduce the humidity level of their country of origin; these sealed vessels allow to you adjust and maintain optimal humidity levels for your cigars. 

Buying a Cigar Humidor

Be sure to purchase the right size; an overcrowded humidor will dry out its contents, and an empty one is hard to balance the humidity.  Do not keep your cigar humidor in a warm or very cold room, and avoid direct sunlight, as this will keep the humidor from maintaining the correct levels.

If you’re a casual smoker that doesn’t keep enough cigars to justify purchasing a humidor, preserve the moisture levels of your cigars by storing them in a plastic zippered bag inside another bag with a dampened sponge. 

Plastic boxes are another place to store cigars. They will hold moisture as well as the plastic bag, just be sure to place the sponge in an upright plastic bag to avoid it touching the cigars.

If you plan to store cigars for more than just a few weeks, give some thought to how you’ll keep them fresh.  With just a bit of care to ensure your cigars are properly stored, they’ll be ready to enjoy the next time you want to relax with a good smoke. 

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Top 10 Golf Accessory Gifts for Dad

Whether your dad is a pro on the course or just a casual golfer, you’ll want to get him something that reflects his love for golf. But finding the perfect gift can be hard if you're not a fan of the sport yourself. 

That’s why we’ve compiled our Top 10 Golf Accessory Gifts, perfect for the golf enthusiast Dad who is hard to buy for. Most of these items are found on Amazon, so you can pair items together for a quick and easy gift, without scouring the stores!


1. Golf Whiskey Glasses

Golf Whiskey GlassesThis heavy bottom and rounded dimpled golf ball design lead to a unique drinking experience. The dimples and angles of the glass give Dad’s favorite spirit a dramatic presentation.

Hand-blown by skilled artisans, these glasses hold 10 ounces of liquor. Strong and durable for daily use, yet elegant enough for a special drink with Dad.

Why not add a bottle of his favorite liquor to take this gift to the next level?


 2. Golf BBQ Tool Set

Golf BBQ Tool SetIt’s a known fact that dads are King of the grill; this set helps Dad combine two of his favorite things! Made of high quality and durable stainless steel, these tools help him get a good grip while flipping those burgers.

Your golfer and grill master will have everything he needs to fire up the grill in style: a golf-club style spatula, tongs, fork, golf-ball style salt & pepper shakers, and a silicone basting brush.

There’s even a golf bag storage case included for grilling on the go. Just add in a few steaks, and you’ve got the best gift a Dad could ask for!

3. Cigar Holder for Playing Golf

Cigar Holder for Playing Golf Never let Dad put his cigar on pesticide & chemical-laden grass again! Stage V Clingers lets Dad enjoy his favorite cigar on the course while keeping it secure, clean, and dry.

This clamp has industrial-strength magnets that easily attach to golf carts, boats, cars, and lawnmowers -and hold tight even through bumpy rides.

The Stage V Clinger features a clip with a flexible ribbed design that holds all common cigar sizes without damage, while premium spring steel construction stands up to the elements. Clingers also include a wraparound Velcro strap for additional versatility.

For the ultimate gift, pair with a box of Dad’s favorite cigars to enjoy on his next round of golf!

4. Golf Bag Pen Holder

This sporty golf pen set is the perfect way to add fun to Dad’s workspace. With a fully functional, miniature golf bag and three different club ballpoint pens, this lighthearted golf gift is perfect for the golfer whose head is always in the game. 

The movable cart has three working rubber wheels and is available in six different colors, so you’re sure to find one to match Dad’s office.

5. Remarkable Golf Courses Hardcover Book

Remarkable Golf Courses Hardcover BookAnyone who loves and appreciates the game of golf has a bucket list of courses they’d like to play someday. This book brings together astonishing stories of dream courses with extraordinary photography.

The many quirks of the golfing world are covered, such as the 18th green the other side of the River Lea which is serviced by an electric ferry, or the LA golf course that has its own funicular railway, or the floating golf hole in Idaho, where it’s not just the pin position that’s changed every day, it’s the distance from the shore!

Your Dad is sure to enjoy this book; it may even serve as inspiration for his next golf trip!


6. Golf Ball Display Case 

Many golfers collect balls from their favorite courses, destinations, or events - this Golf Ball Display Cabinet will show them off in style. With room to elegantly display up to 25 standard balls, this stately cabinet can be set on a desk or shelf or is easily mounted to the wall.

The green felt the background is a great contrast to the ball color; indentations on the shelves keep each ball in place. Dad will love this thoughtful gift, as he displays his memorable shots, club tournament achievements, and autographed balls.


7. Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Pop Up Golf Chipping NetGolfers know the best way to improve your game is to practice. Skip the miniature desktop putting set and give dad a gift that will really help his game when he can’t get out on the green. Portable and incredibly easy to set up, this pop-up chipping net will help Dad train in his yard or basement whenever he wants.

Designed for easy transport, this set includes a pop-up golf chipping net,  carry bag, 15 golf practice balls, 6 golf tees, and 8 ground nails. Multiple pockets and target allow for rigorous practice sessions, challenging Dad’s swing with each shot.

This great gift will help Dad perfect his short game while having a lot of fun!


8. Golf Ball Cleaner

Golf Ball CleanerIf your Dad’s an avid golfer, he’s probably invested quite a bit of money in clubs and other equipment. But if he’s hitting dirty golf balls on the green, he may not be playing as well as he could. A portable golf ball washer is a helpful item, but something Dad might not think to buy for himself.

This Golf Ball and Iron Cleaner is a clean, sanitary alternative to dirty ball washers or a messy towel. When it gets dirty, just toss it in the washer. It’s completely portable, and the inside stays moist through the entire round.

Dad can attach it to his belt loop, golf bag, golf cart, or just place in his back pocket. Its large cleaning surface and ease-of-use make this a truly functional tool that no golfer should be without.

Constructed with durable neoprene material, this gift is expertly crafted to last Dad many rounds to come. Why not add a new box of balls to the gift, so he starts off with really clean golf balls?



9. Titleist Pro V1X Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1X Golf BallsIf your Dad is a serious golf player, you can’t buy him just any old ball. Although golf balls look alike on the outside, they’re not all created the same. Each model has design features that help specific styles of play; it’s the inner layers that cause the ball to behave in different ways. 

Titleist is a popular brand used by both pros and amateurs. The Pro V1x golf balls are on the high end, but they’re a fantastic quality ball that is worth the extra cost and can actually help Dad shoot a lower score.

For extra distance with a highly controllable spin on the ball, the Pro V1x delivers. You know Dad might never buy these for himself – why not treat him to some premium balls?


10. Golf Light

Golf LightThis unique golf gift radiates light in a gorgeous 3D golfer shape that will impress Dad over and over. It has smart touch control that can be fixed on one color or set on gradual color changing: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, and white.


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Golf Outing Gifts and Swag

Golf Outing Gifts and Giveaways are essential to the success of a Golf Outing or Tournament.  Players have come to expect some sort of ‘goodie’ bag or gifts; your event participants will feel appreciated with items they can really use, not just a promotional gimmick.

Golf outing participants may attend several events each season, so you’ll want to move beyond basic gifts such as hats, tees, and towels - impress them with unique golf gifts they haven’t received before.

Callaway Golf Gift Set

Cool Golf Swag - CoolerThis Golf Gift set features useful golf accessories to use on the course. There’s a 16 oz spill-proof water bottle, and a fleece-lined valuables pouch to organize golf bag clutter, which includes an extra interior pocket for securing smaller valuables.            The premium club brush has an ergonomic handle and dual-sided nylon bristles, with a carabiner to hang off their golf bag for easy access. This set also includes (2) Callaway warbird golf balls, (5) Callaway 2 3/4 inch high performance tees, and an Odyssey Poker chip ball marker.  This is a great gift for any golf outing participant, it even comes in an easy-to-wrap box!




Cigar Holder

Golf SwagMost golfers enjoy a good cigar on the course, but are at a loss where to set it while they’re playing.  This cigar holder will keep their cigar clean and dry while taking their shot.  The Stage V Clinger features a flexible ribbed clamp that is easy on cigars - it adjusts to fit cigars of all sizes without crushing, pinching, or tearing the wrapper.  Two high-strength magnets hold it in place, and there’s also a wraparound Velcro strap that can be attached to a golf bag or cart. With high-yield spring steel construction, this cigar holder is durable enough to be used time after time on the links.



Golfer's Best Tool Golf Multitool 


Golf Swag ItemsThis multitool offers six main functions to help your players enhance their golf game.  It includes a magnetic ball marker to designate their ball's spot on the green, a club cleaning brush, a stroke count clicker with quick reset button, and a golf shoe cleat tightener. There’s also a club groove cleaner, which can also be used for divot repair, and a bottle opener with a flat head screwdriver.  Players can keep this handy tool within reach by using the aluminum belt clip. This golf accessory is compact and easy to carry, made of lightweight stainless steel. It’s the tool they’ll reach for again and again to bring on their golf game.  




Pint Glass Embedded with a Golf Ball


Coolest Golf Swag Every golfer looks forward to a cold drink after a game, you’re sure to hit a hole-in-one with this unique golf gift.  This glass is embedded with a real Titleist golf ball! It’s a standard pint-sized glass, accommodating 16 ounces of your players’ favorite beverage.  Each piece is blown by hand by talented artisans in Wisconsin.  This fun gift will be the talk of your tournament, and is sure to be used long after your outing is over.    


Golf Bag Cooler & Accessory Caddy



Golf Swag BagStaying hydrated on the course important; your golf outing participants are sure to appreciate this useful bag!  This insulated cooler holds up to ten 12-oz cans,  plus there’s room for an ice pack.  It has two zippered pockets: one large front pocket and a smaller size pocket to store those easy-to-lose valuables. There’s even a convenient mesh bottle holder on the side.  The long strap makes this cooler easy to carry, or to be strapped onto a golf bag or cart.









September 12, 2019 by Charles Graff

Golf Tournament Promotional Gifts Made Easy

Golf tournaments are a fun way for an organization to strengthen their professional network and raise money for a good cause. There is a lot of work that goes into planning a successful event, but top priority is to make sure your golfers are well taken care of during the tournament. In addition to a nice meal and well-stocked beverage cart, most golf tournaments provide ‘goodie bags’ and golf giveaways to participants. 
August 20, 2019 by Charles Graff

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