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      Best Mild Cigars for Beginners

      Despite what many manufacturers want you to think, buying a quality mild cigar doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are plenty of respectable releases that can be bought for less than $5 a stick.

      These collections aren’t just good, they have a remarkably solid profile. From the taste to the draw, they could easily pass as premium cigars. These remarkable releases have firmly established a presence in humidors around the world. They defy stereotypes & routinely make smokers question what makes a quality cigar.

      Best Mild Cigars

      Most people confuse affordable products for being lower quality, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The inviting price of these mild bodied delights doesn’t make them inferior. They are a bargain that any respectable aficionado should be striving to discover. They sport all the best features of shade grown tobacco, making them the ideal representations of mild cigars.

      It’s easy to get seduced by propaganda, which is why many still refuse to believe that anything this cheap can be good. For this reason, we felt obliged to compile a list of the best affordable mild cigars for beginners. These epic releases will take your palate to new heights, so prepare to fall head over heels for them!

      Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cedro Deluxe No. 1 ($4.53)

      Retailing at $113.03 for a box of 25, this deal is too appealing to resist. To make things even more appealing, it features a very rare cigar shape. The Lonsdale is a unique style that gives a remarkably smooth draw. It’s a shame that this cigar shape is often neglected, but it gets plenty of attention with this release. It might not make Lonsdale the new standard, but at least it gives it an epic mainstream debut.

      If the price is good, the taste of this unorthodox cigar is even better. These masterpieces are wrapped in an exotic Indonesian shade-grown wrapper. This artfully compliments the flavor & gives this release a symphony of flavor. These cigars feature light peaks of cedar, oak, & sweet spice that are combined with notes of nuts & cream. All these flavors are sublime together, so there’s no excuse not to pick up a box!

      Macanudo Café Lords ($4.36)

      Even though Macanudos are normally expensive, they created something that everyone can afford. At $108.95 for a box of 25, these cigars have become a favorite for any aficionado with a tight budget. They are sized right between a Rothschild & Robusto, making them perfect smokes when on the go.

      This may be a budget cigar, but its bursting at the seams with quality. The wrapper is made of silky U.S. Connecticut grown tobacco which is arguably some of the best in the world. Macanudo also has an exclusive curing method that gives their cigars an unforgettable taste. Treat your taste buds with the sweet & often nutty profile of these great cigars!

      Rocky Patel American Market Selection Toro ($4.10)

      If this cigar didn’t top our list, we would have lost all credibility. These cigars have become go to smokes for countless aficionados around the world. They are notoriously delicious, & at $81.99 for a box of 20 they are a deal that can’t be missed.

      This well-balanced mix of Honduran & Nicaraguan tobacco is highlighted by a buttery Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. In the end clients are blessed with a creamy, cedar smoke that has sweet after notes. This cornucopia of flavor is ideal for anytime of the day, which is why it easily stole our #1 spot.