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      Best Cuban Cigar Brands

      There are a lot of cigars produced around the world, but none are more infamous than Cubans. America’s 50 year old embargo on Cuba’s finest export has made them the ultimate forbidden fruit. Every year, cigar aficionados around the world clamor for the best Cuban cigars.

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      What's behind our Cigar Holder's name?

      Ever wonder why we're called the Stage V Cigar Clinger?

      Our cigar holder's name is inspired by....

      • A play on the above clip and the saying a "Stage 5 Clinger."
      • Stage V is also a reference for white water rafting, the most aggressive and the best rapid.
      • Stage V can be viewed as the best/highest level of product in the category.
      • And the neodymium magnets have 10lbs of holding power, nothing stronger out there in the marketplace!

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      Cigar Holder - Top 3 Holiday Gifts For the Cigar Lover In Your Life

      Finding the perfect holiday gift for a person who loves cigars but also has a passion for golf can be a challenging feat to pull off. They already have their favorite clubs and God help you if you try to get them to replace something that they have adored for years. To avoid wasting your hard earned cash on something that will end up collecting dust in the garage you need to carefully study who you are buying for.

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      How to Take Care Of Your Cigars

      Proper treatment of your cigars is crucial to getting your desired level of pleasure from smoking them. Even if you do everything correctly when you store your cigar you will also have to know how to prepare your cigar to be smoked. Both of these topics are equally responsible for the quality of your smoking experience so in this article we will focus on both. To elevate from a rookie to a knowledgeable cigar smoker you need to know the most important aspects of cigar preservation and preparation; storage & cutting.

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