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      Travel Humidors

      When it comes to travel humidors, few brands are as notorious as Xikar. During the last 20 years the company has branched out & put the cigar accessory industry in a choke hold. Over time they have evolved from creating innovative cutters to indestructible travel humidors.

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      Top 5 Cigar Humidors Reviews

      A Cigar Humidor is more than an artistic expression of your passion for cigars; it is the very essence of what it means to really smoke cigars. Preserving your cigars is so vital that without a good humidor you are destined to experience a mediocre smoke at best.

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      How to Take Care Of Your Cigars

      Proper treatment of your cigars is crucial to getting your desired level of pleasure from smoking them. Even if you do everything correctly when you store your cigar you will also have to know how to prepare your cigar to be smoked. Both of these topics are equally responsible for the quality of your smoking experience so in this article we will focus on both. To elevate from a rookie to a knowledgeable cigar smoker you need to know the most important aspects of cigar preservation and preparation; storage & cutting.

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