Cigar Holder - Top 3 Holiday Gifts


Finding the perfect holiday gift for a person who loves cigars but also has a passion for golf can be a challenging feat to pull off. They already have their favorite clubs and God help you if you try to get them to replace something that they have adored for years. To avoid wasting your hard earned cash on something that will end up collecting dust in the garage you need to carefully study who you are buying for.

The best part of a gift is the element of surprise so you have to tread carefully when deciding what you will purchase. Asking too many questions & digging too hard will tip them off that you are looking for a gift for them so many times we are left on our own intuition to pick out what we think is best. For this reason we have compiled three gifts that every cigar aficionado who has a love affair with golf can enjoy.

#3. Personalized Golf Balls – This is where picking a gift becomes fun because sites like allow you to put whatever graphic you want on a set of premium golf balls. The sky is the limit with the amount of options you have and you need to let your creativity be your guide. Don't forget to make sure that it’s something that will provoke laughter or inspiration.

#2. The Practice Club: Momentus Speed Woosh – For those of you living in climates that are so cold that playing golf outside is completely unbearable this club is for you! This innovative club allows you to replicate the feeling of hitting the ball without breaking your wrist in the freezing cold. It also allows you to practice during the winter months so you are still on top of your game when spring time rolls around. The best part is that this club goes with any set since it’s meant for practice instead of the fairway. It’s a sure fire way to make any golfer happy who has been forced to take a hiatus from his favorite hobby.


#1. Stage V Cigar Clip

 – We would be remiss if we didn't put our clip at the top of the list. Our versatile cigar clip has rave reviews on both our site and Amazon. Our clip holds your cigar in place and can be attached to the golf cart or your bag. This creative cigar holder allows you to concentrate on the game while enjoying your favorite cigar.


December 20, 2015 by Charles Graff

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