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Travel Humidor Review

When it comes to travel humidors, few brands are as notorious as Xikar. During the last 20 years the company has branched out & put the cigar accessory industry in a choke hold. Over time they have evolved from creating innovative cutters to indestructible travel humidors.

Once Xikar travel humidors hit the market, things were never the same. Word quickly spread about the impressive durability of these containers. Made out of ABS Molded Plastic, these cases are damn near indestructible. These crush-proof cases are also water-proof, making them the perfect companion to survive an apocalypse. Since this brand is too big to ignore, we decided to review our favorite Xikar travel case. Prepare to get an in-depth look at the Xikar 5 Cigar travel humidor! 

Our Experience with the Xikar 5ct Travel Humi

When you first hold the Xikar 5 Cigar Travel Humidor, you feel like you are ready to join the army. Its hard core ABS plastic reminds you that this case can survive any natural disaster. You could literally throw it out the window of a speeding car & run over it. It’s that durable.

There are plenty of other reasons to love this case. It has a hole by the clamp lock, allowing you to smugly attach a lock. This feature is essential for parents with adventurous children. It also has a leash that allows for easy handling when you are on then go.

When opening up this surprisingly secure humi you are greeted with a simple yet elegant interior. It’s lined with a dark grey foam cradle that is lined to fit each stick perfectly. With 8 ½” x 4 ½” x 2” at your disposal, there’s plenty of room to fit 5 Churchills. I find that for quick trips this travel case is perfect. Even though I travel frequently I rarely need to take more than 5 cigars on a trip because I love exploring new shops in different cities. There’s always new favorite to find, & it adds a sense of adventure to smoking.

To me that’s the true essence of cigar smoking. You have to always be willing to give new sticks a try. If you never take that chance, you will be doomed to let all the other delightful options pass you by. But with all this traveling, you need a good companion. Xikar travel humidors make the perfect sidekick for any adventurous cigar aficionado.

What really makes this beast tick is its state of the art humidification unit. All you need to get the system fired up is a few drops of the XIKAR PG Solution. Once it receives a full charge, you are ready to go. I find the 5 count to have the most efficient battery life. For this reason, it’s the perfect companion for quick trips. It also has a lifetime guarantee, so this case will be a permanent part of your repertoire.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with a Xikar travel humidor. They are extremely strong so you can take on any situation. Since they have a lifetime guarantee, it will last as long as you do. Most importantly, your favorite cigars are kept in pristine condition. If you want a portable sanctuary for your cigars, look no further than a Xikar travel case.

Of course, don't forget to pair it while you're on the go with one of our cigar clips!

September 18, 2016 by Aalap Shah

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