Cigars With the Biggest Ring Gauge

Cigars With the Biggest Ring Gauge

When trying to captivate clients' attention, some cigar companies started upping the ring gauge. Discover which release broke records with their outrageous girths!
November 28, 2018 by Nathaniel Mansfield
Explore The Top Cigar Factories in Cuba

Explore The Top Cigar Factories in Cuba

Now country in the world is filled with more iconic cigar factories than Cuba. Discover which production plants are stealing the show!
November 15, 2018 by Nathaniel Mansfield
3 Most Popular Cigar Brands in America

3 Most Popular Cigar Brands in America

Out of the countless cigar brands available in America, a few steal the show. Discover which cigars are the most popular in the U.S.!
October 31, 2018 by Nathaniel Mansfield
Examine The Biggest Cigar Companies In The World

Examine The Biggest Cigar Companies In The World

In an industry that's worth $20 billion, a few companies manage to stand out. Discover which cigar companies are dominating the industry!
October 18, 2018 by Nathaniel Mansfield
Meet the Top Tobacco Producers in Asia

Meet the Top Tobacco Producers in Asia

As smoking remains popular throughout the Asia, many countries are struggling to keep up with demand. Discover which Asian countries produce the most tobacco!
October 02, 2018 by Nathaniel Mansfield
Stage-V Cigar Clinger Media Mentions

Stage-V Cigar Clinger Media Mentions

It's no secret that our Stage-V Clingers are making a splash in the community. They are quickly becoming an easy to use solution for cigar aficionados around the world. We were recently featured in two respected websites in the cigar industry: The Extravagant & The Cigar Photographer Blog. Both reviews illuminated different uses for our clingers, here are a few excerpts of what they had to say: 

"I think the Clinger by Stage V is a very interesting and unique cigar holder that I will definitely use and worth a purchase for any golfer or outdoorsman who always has the issue of where to put your cigar when you're about to take your next putt or don't have an ashtray handy." - The Cigar Photographer

"Made out of spring steel, the Stage V Clinger is the most versatile cigar holder on the market.  The clinger utilizes the strongest neodymium magnets and also employs a velcro coil to fasten to anything..." - The Extravagant

These are just a few of the positive reviews that our cigar clingers have received. Check out the full articles from The Extravagant & The Cigar Photographer Blog to get all the details on this wildly successful release.

September 03, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield
Best Full-Bodied Cigars

Best Full-Bodied Cigars

There are a lot of full bodied cigars to choose from, but only a few of them steal the show. Out of all the different types of sticks, full-bodied cigars are notorious for being the most tasty. They feature the most robust palates, so it’s no surprise that there’s a slew of epic releases. These unforgettable full-bodied cigars range from established classics to surprising new releases. They all feature deep, sophisticated flavors, and more great releases make epic debuts every year.

Faced with a steady stream of quality releases, picking the best full-bodied cigar can be an overwhelming task. In reality there are too many full-bodied cigars for one person to try. Out of this tsunami of choices, there are too many unforgettable releases to fit in a large book. The amount of great full-bodied cigars is staggering, which opens up doors to a slew of enticing choices. There’s always hope for those who are looking for something new, which is great for adventurous aficionados.

There are plenty of choices that are respected in the community, but only a few that everyone should try. Even though every palate is unique, these cigars should never be missed. Their undeniable quality allows them to transcend into every taste. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best full-bodied cigars on the market. Their profound flavors have captivated smokers from around the world, so don’t hesitate to try them out for yourself!

Best Full-Bodied Cigars 

Full-Bodied Cigar #3: Camacho Triple Maduro Robusto – This stick packs a punch, so it isn’t for the faint of heart. Christian Elroa went to great lengths to make an action packed full-body cigar, & by all measurements they succeeded. As soon as you light up this cigar you are greeted with an overwhelmingly peppery taste. Don’t let this brash introduction discourage you, since the transformation has just begun.

Once the cigar keeps burning, the flavor changes multiple times. Slowly yet surely, hints of spicy sweetness take over the taste. At the halfway points users are greeted with strong notes of chocolate, coffee & licorice. This combination is so delicious that it borders on devious, but this line has one last surprise. Right when the cigar is on its last leg, it changes once again. All the aforementioned flavors intensify drastically, giving aficionados an epic grand finale. While preference is usually a relative opinion, everyone in the industry agrees on this cigar.

Full-bodied Cigar #2: El Rey Del Mundo Flor De Llaneza Maduro – It may be the longest winded name for a cigar, but it doesn’t lie. This illustrious Spanish title translates to “King of the World”, and we can’t help but agree. Even though it routinely gets overlooked, you’d be hard pressed to find a more delicious cigar. From end to end, smoking this stick is a surprisingly enjoyable experience. 

It starts off with a buttery essence that’s complimented by a smooth draw. From there it rapidly changes to a delightful mix of leather, coffee, chocolate & sweet spice. The bottom third wraps up with a creamy, complex flavor. It’s so irresistible that it makes it easy to smoke till your thumb is burnt. Do yourself a favor & try this elusive cigar.

Full-Bodied Cigar #1: Arturo Fuente OPUS X Perfecxion No. 2 – This is one of the most celebrated offerings from a cigar producing legend. For this reason, it easily topped our list. Not only is this cigar amazing, it paved the way for Cuban-seed Rosado wrappers to be grown in the Dominican Republic. This cigar uses 100% Dominican tobacco that’s cured in rum barrels & aged for a year before shipping.

The sheer amount of detail associated with its production is staggering, but the taste is even better. At first it starts off mellow, but after a few puffs this cigar hits 5th gear when it comes to flavor. Your taste buds get blasted with a symphony of leather, cocoa, caramel, raisin, cedar, nuts & pepper. The intensity defies description, & it last until the smoke is completely finished. There’s literally nothing to critique, this is hands down our favorite full-bodied cigar!

June 16, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield
Best Affordable Mild Cigars

Best Affordable Mild Cigars

Despite what many manufacturers want you to think, buying a quality mild cigar doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are plenty of respectable releases that can be bought for less than $5 a stick. These collections aren’t just good, they have a remarkably solid profile. From the taste to the draw, they could easily pass as premium cigars. These remarkable releases have firmly established a presence in humidors around the world. They defy stereotypes & routinely make smokers question what makes a quality cigar.

Most people confuse affordable products for being lower quality, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The inviting price of these mild bodied delights doesn’t make them inferior. They are a bargain that any respectable aficionado should be striving to discover. They sport all the best features of shade grown tobacco, making them the ideal representations of mild cigars.

It’s easy to get seduced by propaganda, which is why many still refuse to believe that anything this cheap can be good. For this reason, we felt obliged to compile a list of the best affordable mild cigars. These epic releases will take your palate to new heights, so prepare to fall head over heels for them!

Best Affordable Mild Cigars

Mild Cigar #3: Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cedro Deluxe No. 1 ($4.53) – Retailing at $113.03 for a box of 25, this deal is too appealing to resist. To make things even more appealing, it features a very rare cigar shape. The Lonsdale is a unique style that gives a remarkably smooth draw. It’s a shame that this cigar shape is often neglected, but it gets plenty of attention with this release. It might not make Lonsdale the new standard, but at least it gives it an epic mainstream debut.

If the price is good, the taste of this unorthodox cigar is even better. These masterpieces are wrapped in an exotic Indonesian shade-grown wrapper. This artfully compliments the flavor & gives this release a symphony of flavor. These cigars feature light peaks of cedar, oak, & sweet spice that are combined with notes of nuts & cream. All these flavors are sublime together, so there’s no excuse not to pick up a box!

Mild Cigar #2: Macanudo Café Lords ($4.36) – Even though Macanudos are normally expensive, they created something that everyone can afford. At $108.95 for a box of 25, these cigars have become a favorite for any aficionado with a tight budget. They are sized right between a Rothschild & Robusto, making them perfect smokes when on the go.

This may be a budget cigar, but its bursting at the seams with quality. The wrapper is made of silky U.S. Connecticut grown tobacco which is arguably some of the best in the world. Macanudo also has an exclusive curing method that gives their cigars an unforgettable taste. Treat your taste buds with the sweet & often nutty profile of these great cigars!

Mild Cigar #1: Rocky Patel American Market Selection Toro ($4.10) – If this cigar didn’t top our list, we would have lost all credibility. These cigars have become go to smokes for countless aficionados around the world. They are notoriously delicious, & at $81.99 for a box of 20 they are a deal that can’t be missed.

This well-balanced mix of Honduran & Nicaraguan tobacco is highlighted by a buttery Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. In the end clients are blessed with a creamy, cedar smoke that has sweet after notes. This cornucopia of flavor is ideal for anytime of the day, which is why it easily stole our #1 spot.

June 09, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield
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Meet the Best Cigar Releases of 2016

Meet the Best Cigar Releases of 2016

Every year ushers in a slew of unforgettable cigar releases, & 2016 was no exception. Last year aficionados were blessed with multiple lines of great cigars. These are highlighted every year at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR). This convention & international trade show unites retailers, manufacturers & cigar lovers in one vibrant venue. This potent mix sets the stage for the best new releases to be presented to the cigar smoking community. As the industry scrambles to come up with better products, the real winner is the consumer.

In order to stay current, it’s essential to keep an eye on new cigar releases. These give aficionados a preview of where the industry is going. In a market that’s regularly forced to adapt to fluctuating regulation, innovation is key. This is often seen in epic debuts, & 2016 was full of ground breaking releases. We compiled a list of the best new cigars of 2016. Prepare to be united with your next favorite cigar!

Best Cigar Releases of 2016

New Cigar #1: Cohiba Macassar – Out of all the ultra-premium cigar producers, none have been more active in the last decade than Cohiba. This has helped maintain their status as one of the most treasured cigar brands in the world. Last year they stunned critics with a wild new release, the Cohiba Macassar. This innovative release was inspired by Macassar wood, an exotic ebony tree that’s nestled inside the Indonesian rainforest. This rare type of wood is renowned for being so gorgeous that it looks like a work of art.

Cohiba decided to pay homage to this natural masterpiece with an equally exceptional line of cigars. Their Macassar line consists of premium hand selected tobaccos that have been aged for 4 years. These blends are aged for an additional year in Dominican rum barrels. All this is wrapped with a 6-year aged Connecticut Havano wrapper that was designed specifically for this blend.

To top it off, a 6-year aged Connecticut Broadleaf binder gives each cigar a smooth burn. Each one features delightfully complex notes of wood & spice, along with a sweet aftertaste. This release is unapologetically exotic, which is what we have grown to love about Cohiba!

New Release #2: Davidoff Yamasa – Another big-name company that has been driving cigar lovers wild is Davidoff. This daring brand has already stolen the show with recent releases Nicaragua & Escurio. Even though these offerings were game changers, they pale in comparison to the Yamasa. This exotic blend is the product of over 20 years of engineering by Davidoff’s expert team of tobacco growers. The group is led by master blender Henke Keiner, & after two decades of research they created this masterpiece.

This new release showcases the potent tobacco grown in the Yamasa region of the Dominican Republic. Each stick features complex peppery flavors that compliment hints of wood & spice. These flavors are brought to life by Condega & Esteli grown Nicaraguan long fillers. It doesn’t get more complex than this cigar, it’s literally bursting at the seams with flavor!

New Release #3: Montecristo Politico – This line up was released at the perfect time, since it debuted right before a slew of controversial political elections. Even though many may attribute this name to current events, Politico actually refers to an extremely rare strain of tobacco. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Politico tobacco is one of the hardest types of tobacco to grow. The seeds came from Cuba, so it demands a specific micro climate to flourish. They are extremely susceptible to blue mold, which makes the strain almost impossible to grow without incident.

Starting in the 90’s, Montecristo was finally able to source this rare tobacco from master growers Jose Mendez & Co. Due to its glorious taste, this tobacco is considered a treat by any respectable cigar smoker. It features a strong flavor profile that’s dominated by nuts & leather. Many people fell head over heels for its sweet aftertaste, which is helping revive this long-lost strain!

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May 17, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield
Surprising Countries That Produce Amazing Cigars

Surprising Countries That Produce Amazing Cigars

Cuba may be the most infamous, but there are plenty of surprising countries that make exceptional cigars. These lush tobacco growing countries have managed to stay under the radar. For better or worse, they don’t have the notoriety of Cuban tobacco. They didn’t have the world’s spotlight, but that didn’t stop them from creating something completely unique. Instead of relying on a stereotype, these countries were forced to make better products. In many ways, the cigars produced in these hidden oasis’s outdo many Cuban brands.

Thanks to Castro’s revolution, the world has been blessed with a slew of new tobacco strains. As soon as the controversial dictator seized power, he plunged the Caribbean nation into communism. This devastated many businesses, & the thriving cigar industry was no exception. Many of the country’s top tobacco producers fled the revolution, bringing Cuba’s finest tobacco strains with them. This paved the way for a new generation of hybrids, & they found their way into countries around the world.

It’s always good to avoid gimmicks, & this is exceptionally true when picking a new cigar brand. It’s shameful how people flock to the same brands, when the real adventure is trying something new. For this reason, discovering lesser known countries that produce tobacco is essential. They give users access to hidden gems that are some of the world’s best. Prepare to be blown away by the quality tobacco produced by these lesser known countries!

Surprising Countries That Make Great Cigars

Tobacco Producer #1: Ecuador – This country may be new to the cigar scene, but they are taking the industry by storm. They have only been producing cigars for 15 years, but it’s hard to tell by the quality of their products. Their climate is ideal for growing premium tobacco, since it’s exceptionally humid & covered in clouds.

This proved to be a winning combination, & today Ecuadorian tobacco is on par with the best in the world. It’s renown for producing cigars that are delightfully spicy. This burst of flavor is so unique that the major names in the industry couldn’t ignore it. Ecuadorian Habano wrappers have been used in Tatuaje, My Father, Montecristo & Rocky Patel. This is the perfect tobacco to liven up your palate, so get ready to jumpstart any occasion!

Tobacco Producer #2: Mexico – It’s easy to forget about this wild country, but seasoned cigar aficionados know its true potential. Back in the day Mexican tobacco growers stole the show with their wildly popular “Te Amo” line of cigars. This epic debut forced international companies to respect Mexican cigars. Despite this success, Mexico has generally gone unrecognized in the cigar industry.

Thanks to new endeavors, this misguided stereotype is starting to change. Mexico is now producing top notch Maduro wrappers that are known as the Mexican San Andres. Many experts claim that these are on par with Connecticut broadleaf, which is nothing to ignore. This claim is validated by the use of Mexican Maduro wrappers in a slew of premium cigars. From the Drew Estate Norteño to the Crowned Heads Jericho Hill, it’s safe to say that Mexican tobacco is making a comeback. Try out their new brand Black Abyss to discover the true potential of Mexican tobacco!

Tobacco Producer #3: Brazil – Everyone knows about Carnaval, but not many know about Brazilian cigars. Aficionados agree that this South American country produces some of the most powerful tobacco in the world. Their blends showcase the intensity of dark tobacco. This deep, delicious profile has made Brazilian tobacco too enticing to ignore. The first big brand to feature it was CAO Brazilia, but now a slew of companies are using Brazilian tobacco. From Liga Privada No. 9 to other new releases, plenty of industry heavyweights are jumping for this potent tobacco.


May 10, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield