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Stage-V Cigar Clinger Media Mentions

Stage-V Cigar Clinger Media Mentions

It's no secret that our Stage-V Clingers are making a splash in the community. They are quickly becoming an easy to use solution for cigar aficionados around the world. We were recently featured in two respected websites in the cigar industry: The Extravagant & The Cigar Photographer Blog. Both reviews illuminated different uses for our clingers, here are a few excerpts of what they had to say: 

"I think the Clinger by Stage V is a very interesting and unique cigar holder that I will definitely use and worth a purchase for any golfer or outdoorsman who always has the issue of where to put your cigar when you're about to take your next putt or don't have an ashtray handy." - The Cigar Photographer

"Made out of spring steel, the Stage V Clinger is the most versatile cigar holder on the market.  The clinger utilizes the strongest neodymium magnets and also employs a velcro coil to fasten to anything..." - The Extravagant

These are just a few of the positive reviews that our cigar clingers have received. Check out the full articles from The Extravagant & The Cigar Photographer Blog to get all the details on this wildly successful release.

September 03, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield