1. Stage V Cigar Holder

Stage V Clinger is a cigar holder designed for golf carts and any other vehicle or vessel that a magnet can mount to or a Velcro strap can wrap around. Your cigar can be held by the Stage V Clinger anytime you need it and it's easily portable everywhere you go while keeping your cigar off the pesticide and chemical-laden grass!
The Stage V Clinger works for cigars and cigarillos of any size. The all-purpose Stage V Clinger is for people on the move. Never suffer the disappointment of a broken or lost cigar again. The ribbed handle is easy to grip rain or shine.
The Stage V Clinger fits all cigar sizes, light pressure spring keeps your cigar in place without a pinch or tear to your cigar. The Stage V Clinger patent pending design holds your cigar firmly in place everywhere you go. 

2. Heater Golfer's Cigar Holder

Great for any occasion:  Father's Day, groomsmen, birthday, anniversary or any time when you need a gift that will be talked about and appreciated for years. Made in USA and guaranteed not to rust, break or burn. 
The HeaterHolder easily clips onto the rain-hood snap found on most golf bags.  Our patented design gently and conveniently cradles your cigar, keeping it far away from toxic fertilizers and weed killers while you take your shot.

3. Perfecto Cigar Holder

Snap Perfecto Cigar Holder to the dash of your golf cart.  Your cigar will rest safely while you enjoy your game. Just like having your favorite ashtray on the golf course.

4. Grip Cigar Clip

The GripClip is a wooden cigar holder that safely secures lit cigars to different things such as (but not limited to) golf carts, or boats. The GripClip enables a cigar smoker (who is playing golf or boating) to use both hands and keep their lit cigars clean, dry, and safe.

5. Cigar Minder

How many times have you set your cigar down on the ground, on a hand rail, or into a pocket only to have it destroyed or lost?
Whether you’re on the golf course, on your boat, or simply sitting in your backyard this clever clip will keep your cigar out of harm’s way.
December 26, 2014 by 1o8 Collaborator

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