There are a lot of full bodied cigars to choose from, but only a few of them steal the show. Out of all the different types of sticks, full-bodied cigars are notorious for being the most tasty. They feature the most robust palates, so it’s no surprise that there’s a slew of epic releases. These unforgettable full-bodied cigars range from established classics to surprising new releases. They all feature deep, sophisticated flavors, and more great releases make epic debuts every year.

Faced with a steady stream of quality releases, picking the best full-bodied cigar can be an overwhelming task. In reality there are too many full-bodied cigars for one person to try. Out of this tsunami of choices, there are too many unforgettable releases to fit in a large book. The amount of great full-bodied cigars is staggering, which opens up doors to a slew of enticing choices. There’s always hope for those who are looking for something new, which is great for adventurous aficionados.

There are plenty of choices that are respected in the community, but only a few that everyone should try. Even though every palate is unique, these cigars should never be missed. Their undeniable quality allows them to transcend into every taste. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best full-bodied cigars on the market. Their profound flavors have captivated smokers from around the world, so don’t hesitate to try them out for yourself!

Best Full-Bodied Cigars 

Full-Bodied Cigar #3: Camacho Triple Maduro Robusto – This stick packs a punch, so it isn’t for the faint of heart. Christian Elroa went to great lengths to make an action packed full-body cigar, & by all measurements they succeeded. As soon as you light up this cigar you are greeted with an overwhelmingly peppery taste. Don’t let this brash introduction discourage you, since the transformation has just begun.

Once the cigar keeps burning, the flavor changes multiple times. Slowly yet surely, hints of spicy sweetness take over the taste. At the halfway points users are greeted with strong notes of chocolate, coffee & licorice. This combination is so delicious that it borders on devious, but this line has one last surprise. Right when the cigar is on its last leg, it changes once again. All the aforementioned flavors intensify drastically, giving aficionados an epic grand finale. While preference is usually a relative opinion, everyone in the industry agrees on this cigar.

Full-bodied Cigar #2: El Rey Del Mundo Flor De Llaneza Maduro – It may be the longest winded name for a cigar, but it doesn’t lie. This illustrious Spanish title translates to “King of the World”, and we can’t help but agree. Even though it routinely gets overlooked, you’d be hard pressed to find a more delicious cigar. From end to end, smoking this stick is a surprisingly enjoyable experience. 

It starts off with a buttery essence that’s complimented by a smooth draw. From there it rapidly changes to a delightful mix of leather, coffee, chocolate & sweet spice. The bottom third wraps up with a creamy, complex flavor. It’s so irresistible that it makes it easy to smoke till your thumb is burnt. Do yourself a favor & try this elusive cigar.

Full-Bodied Cigar #1: Arturo Fuente OPUS X Perfecxion No. 2 – This is one of the most celebrated offerings from a cigar producing legend. For this reason, it easily topped our list. Not only is this cigar amazing, it paved the way for Cuban-seed Rosado wrappers to be grown in the Dominican Republic. This cigar uses 100% Dominican tobacco that’s cured in rum barrels & aged for a year before shipping.

The sheer amount of detail associated with its production is staggering, but the taste is even better. At first it starts off mellow, but after a few puffs this cigar hits 5th gear when it comes to flavor. Your taste buds get blasted with a symphony of leather, cocoa, caramel, raisin, cedar, nuts & pepper. The intensity defies description, & it last until the smoke is completely finished. There’s literally nothing to critique, this is hands down our favorite full-bodied cigar!

June 16, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield

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