When you begin storing new cigars, you will find that Boveda packs are life savers. These secret formulated packages utilize the raw power of two-way humidity control. They are easy to use & can be rewetted when they start to dry out.

One of the main selling points is the fact that they emit fixed humidity rates. You can choose from different humidity levels so your sticks stay at the correct temperature. This unwavering dependability sets them apart from other hydrating methods such as crystals, gels & beads.


The Truth About Boveda Packs

If you are looking for a simple way to manage humidity levels, look no further than Boveda packs. These packs take the guesswork out of hydration with their set humidity levels. Boveda packs come in four different RH levels: 65, 69, 72 & 75%. This allows them to give any cigar smoker the RH they desire. If your humidor doesn’t have a strong seal it’s recommended to use a higher humidity level to make up for any variation.

When purchasing Boveda packs, plan how many cigars your humi will end up holding. As a rule of thumb, use 1 Boveda pack for every 25 cigars that will be stored in your humidor. So if you have a 75 count humidor, you will need 3 Boveda packs.

To get started you will need to season your humidor. Take out all your cigars & put them in a Tupperware with a 69% pack. Then season your humidor at 84% RH for 2 weeks. The amount of time can vary if you are re-seasoning, so keep your eyes on it.

Once your humidor is seasoned, you are ready to reintroduce your cigars. After you have your sticks laid out, you need to take the Boveda packs out of the clear over-wrap. From there they are safe to place directly on top of your sticks.

Another critical part is keeping the packs fresh. Boveda packs usually last 2 months, depending on the amount of packs & how many times the humidor is opened. This will always vary, but they are still easy to monitor. You will know they are starting to dry out when they start to feel like dry wafers instead of liquid pillows.

Even though the amount of time Boveda packs last varies, there’s one sure fire way to bring them back to life. When the pack becomes dry to the touch, submerge it in bottled water for 3-5 days. You can do this by placing it in a ziplock baggie & filling it with distilled water. After the time has passed, lay it on a paper towel & pat dry it. Once you have completed this step they are ready to be reintroduced to your humi!

Even though Boveda packs are revolutionary, they aren’t a perfect for every storage option. As a rule of thumb Boveda packs work better in humidors than in wineadors. This is due to the varying amount of free space in each. While humidors are usually tightly packed, the same isn’t true for wineadors. For this reason stronger hydration methods such as beads are recommended to keep wineadors at the correct levels.

All these factors have contributed to the mass use of Boveda packs by cigar lovers. While they aren’t perfect for every storage option, they make humidor upkeep shockingly easy. Keep these suggestions in mind when deciding to jump on board this wildly popular hydration method.

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January 02, 2017 by Charles Graff

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