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Cigar Lounges may come in different styles, but some rules apply to all of them. When it comes to smoking cigars, cigar lounges are sacred. They provide a safe place for cigar aficionados to share their favorite sticks without judgment. Like any holy place, there are certain things that should never happen on their premises.

While most cigar lounge etiquette is obvious, some guidelines might surprise a new comer. For this reason we have compiled a list of rules to follow that will make you welcome at any lounge. Prepare to act like a seasoned veteran with this epic list of cigar lounge commandments!


Cigar Lounge Rules

Before you enter a lounge, it’s good to figure out what type of atmosphere you are walking into. There are many types of cigar lounges that range from members only clubs to establishments that allow any type of tobacco use. Normally a cigar lounge will fit into one of two groups: library lounges or sports lounges.

Library lounges are stereotypical of what most people imagine a classic cigar lounge would look like. They are quiet areas where people can enjoy their favorite sticks with a stiff drink. It’s not uncommon to see people reading magazines & books. There’s usually soft music playing in the background & the décor is elegant yet refined.

Sports lounges are vibrant social clubs with a more modern feel. They are equipped with large television screens so no one misses the big game or fight. There will be loud music, food, drinks & even dance floors. This lively atmosphere usually attracts younger crowds & gets packed during the weekends.

Even though these two types of lounges are polar opposites, there are things that both crowds despise. If you don’t want to be kicked out of either one, avoid committing these mistakes. These are things that you should never do at any respectable lounge:

Rule #1: Don’t Smash Out Your Cigar – While this may be an innocent mistake, it has the potential to wreck the atmosphere of any lounge. When a cigar rests on top of an ashtray, it will slowly burn until it goes out naturally. This will fill the lounge with the sweet aroma of the cigar. When a cigar is smashed into an ashtray like a cigarette, the smell couldn’t be more different.

Once a cigar is smashed, the lit end cracks open. This allows oxygen to pour in & burns the tobacco at an alarming pace. As tobacco burns rapidly, it emits a terrifying aroma that could clear any bar. So if you have any respect for your fellow smokers, you will lay your stick to rest instead of smashing it.

Rule #2: Don’t Be a Moocher – Contrary to what some people think, in this life no one owes you anything. It’s ok to accept a cigar from a friend or an acquaintance, but it’s downright rude to ask for one. Always bring cigars or be willing to buy one from the establishment. Remember that cigar lounges are businesses, not free smoking sessions. It’s always good etiquette to buy drinks & expect to pay a cutting fee if you don’t purchase cigars onsite.

Rule #3: No Religion or Politics – Lounges are great for uniting people of all races, creeds & religions, so don’t ruin the vibe. No one wants to get into heated debates about your views on politics or religion. So keep the conversation casual unless you know everyone is on the same page.

Rule #4: Respect Others with Proper Hygiene – Show some class when you enter a new lounge. Never ask to “try” someone else’s cigar. If you lick your cigars, don’t use the public cutter. Don’t smell other people’s cigars with less than an inch of space from your nose. Try to avoid blowing smoke in peoples’ faces. Respect any dress code they may have & for the love of God keep your shoes on!

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December 19, 2016 by Charles Graff
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