During the last decade, some cigar companies have gained international notoriety by creating cigars with outrageously large ring gauges. From record breaking releases to 60 plus ring gauge beasts, the limits for what’s considered possible are constantly being tested.

This trend isn’t necessarily surprising, since it taps into the basics of human nature. Now that the industry is awash with countless cigar producers, the race is on to make cigar’s that capture clients’ attention. This is a surprisingly difficult task, since customers have seen it all.

Fueled by fierce competition, many cigar companies are upping the ante. Between exotic tobacco blends and flashy packaging, cigar producers are sparing no expenses to stand out.

Nowadays clients are jaded to most advertising techniques, which has motivated some companies to make wildly large ring gauge cigars. While 60 ring gauge used to be absolutely massive, compared to the biggest cigars they seem relatively tame.

Largest Cigar Ring Gauge

To showcase how extreme the market has gotten, we compiled a list of cigars with the largest ring gauge. To put things in perspective, a ring gauge is the cigar’s diameter that’s expressed in 64th’s of an inch. The cigars on our list are over twice the diameter of normal sticks, so prepare to be blown away by their width!

Asylum 13 Eighty

This rebellious brand was created when Christian Airoa founded Tabacaleras Unidas. Hailing from Nicaragua, this 6 x 80 ringer has taken the industry by storm. Boasting hints of cocoa, espresso and spice, the Asylum 13 Eighty has a surprisingly enjoyable taste for such a massive cigar. Depending on how eager the client is, this bad boy can burn for over three hours. This impressive mixture of size and quality showcases everything we love about Nicaraguan cigars.

El Monstruo 80

When Bobalu Cigar Co. made this beast, they were aiming for shock value. Clocking in at a staggering 80 ring gauge and 7.75 inches in length, El Monstruo is too big to ignore. Its Habano Dominican wrapper is packed to the brim with aged Dominican filler.

All of their cigars are rolled by Cuban cigar rollers in a factory that’s nestled in Austin, Texas. This release is so massive that it comes with its own 80 ring cutter. While we can’t vouch for its flavor, there’s no doubting that this is an impressive release!

Gran Habano El Gigante

This cigar had to be wheeled in on a trailer, so it’s no surprise that it topped our list. With a ring gauge that exceeds 2,500, it’s no surprise that this cigar broke world records. The Gran Habano is 19 feet long by three feet wide. It weighs a staggering 1,600 pounds, which puts it in a class of its own.

In total it took a staggering 16,000 wrapper leaves to create this shocking feat of human ingenuity. Pound for pound this cigar is the equivalent of 25,000 cigars. After being displayed at a number of venues, it was eventually auctioned off for $185,000 in 2013.

November 28, 2018 by Nathaniel Mansfield

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