As cigars continue to experience a renaissance, more American actors are openly indulging in their favorite sticks. While cigarette smoking is still extremely frowned upon, cigars have managed to survive the recent witch hunt against tobacco. Boasting better quality leaves and a more labor intensive production process, there’s no negating the allure of cigars. These international treats have been celebrated in films for decades, and today many actors enjoy them off set. 

When examining which celebrity cigar smokers were most influential, look no further than Hollywood's finest. On top of providing direct promotion on screen, actors using cigars make a profound affect on society. Their public endorsements prove that contrary to what some may claim, the cigar industry is alive and well.

While the amount of actors that smoke cigars recreationally is staggering, a few names steal the show. Their flamboyant use of cigars has turned them into international icons for the industry. To showcase which actors made the most impact, we compiled this list. Prepare to see some familiar faces, since over the years these celebrities have become synonymous with cigars. As more actors continue this tradition, the misconceptions around cigars are quickly going up in smoke!

Most Popular Cigar Smoking Actors

Actor #3: Samuel L. Jackson – When browsing modern actors, it’s hard to find a more prolific star than Samuel L. Jackson. Ever since 1990, he has starred in over 100 movies. This robust catalogue of films includes the timeless classics Jurassic Park, Goodfellas, and Pulp Fiction. He even has a Marvel Comics character made in his likeness, Nick Fury.

Despite not receiving an Oscar, Jackson is ranked the highest all-time box office star. He averages $70.5 million per film and has generated $5.15 billion total US box office gross. This is plenty of money to invest in cigars, which he openly indulges in regularly. Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most iconic actors in modern film, which makes him a cigar smokers’ champion.

Actor #2: Clint Eastwood – When it comes to American masculinity, Clint Eastwood has set the standard. Ever since the 1950’s, he has been a prolific face in Hollywood. Despite getting off to a rough start early in his career, Eastwood quickly won America over with his gritty performances. After The Good, the Bad and the Ugly took over audiences around the globe in 1967, Eastwood became an international star. He continued to feature in over 50 films, 42 of which he starred in.

Clint Eastwood has also had an extremely successful career as a director. He’s been nominated for multiple Academy Awards, and even won Best Director and Best Picture. On top of being a legendary figure, Eastwood has always been fond of cigars. He routinely smokes cigars in his films, and is known to love Toscanelli cigars off set. Few actors can compete with his level of influence, which puts him nearly at the top of this list.

Actor #1: Ronald Reagan – Long before he became the 40thpresident of the United States, Reagan was being featured in blockbuster films. In 1932, he started working as a sports announcer on local radio stations. Four years later, Reagan moved to California to become an actor. After starring in multiple major productions, he was elected president of the Screen Actor’s Guild. Ronald Reagan used his position to root out Communist influence in Hollywood films, which inadvertently became part of his platform for presidency.

Aside from being one of America’s most revered leaders, Ronald Reagan was always a huge fan of cigars. He even starred in multiple cigar & cigarette promotions that used his celebrity status to boost sales. His impressive career in both film and politics easily makes Reagan the most influential cigar smoking actor of all-time. This man did it all, so celebrate his legacy by lighting up your favorite cigar!


March 18, 2019 by Nathaniel Mansfield

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