Golf tournaments are a fun way for an organization to strengthen their professional network and raise money for a good cause. There is a lot of work that goes into planning a successful event, but top priority is to make sure your golfers are well taken care of during the tournament. In addition to a nice meal and well-stocked beverage cart, most golf tournaments provide ‘goodie bags’ and golf giveaways to participants. 

The efforts of procuring and chasing down donations of filler items for these bags can waste hours of your time, especially when you try to impress players with bags filled with lots of ‘stuff.’ 

Most often, the recipient looks into the bag, grabs the snack and maybe the golf balls, and then tosses the bag into the back of their cart, often forgotten at the end of the day. 

The most memorable ‘swag’ gifts are useful to players, so it’s best to spend your budget on practical items that enhance the event experience. Offering one or two nice items is more appreciated (and remembered) by event attendees.

To help you create a lasting impression on those who attend your event, we’ve compiled a list of gifts to add to your golf tournament swag bag. 

Golf Towel

Golf Course Promotional SwagA Golf Towel is the perfect gift for every golfer, with many uses.  Golf towels are most often used for cleaning golf clubs; dirt stuck in the grooves of the club can contribute to bad shots. It can also be useful for cleaning balls when a ball washer isn't nearby. If the green is wet, a golfer can dry the ball off with a towel after putting out.  Early morning tournaments are often played on a dew-covered fairway, so drying clubs between shots can help reduce the risk of rust on golf clubs.  On a hot day, a towel can also be used for a player to wipe sweat from their hands and face before taking their shot.

 Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner 

Promotional Swag For EventsClean clubs have a greater purpose than just looking good. Dirt in the grooves of your golf clubs can ruin the trajectory of your ball’s flight by reducing control and the spin on the ball.   This utility tool is a great gift for golfers for quick and efficient cleaning while on the fairway.  There’s a sharp pick for removal of the most stubborn dirt and grime, and a cord to attach to your golf bag, making it convenient to use after every shot.

 Golf Divot Tool

Promotional Items for GiftsGolfers take course etiquette seriously, it’s important they preserve the condition of the course while playing.  A Divot Tool is used by golfers to repair ball marks or holes caused by golf balls landing on the putting green or when a golfer scrapes the turf with their clubs. These handy tools smooth the playing surface for the player to achieve the best putt, this one even includes an attached magnetic ball-marker! This is a great item to include in your Golf Tournament giveaways, it’s sure to become a staple in every golfer’s bag.

Golf Umbrella

Golf Promotional Umbrella SwagUmbrellas top the list of most useful golf tournament gifts; you can bet they’ll be used long after your tournament is over.  Golf Umbrellas protect players from both rain and sun, depending on the day. Different than conventional umbrellas, a golf umbrella’s large base makes it stable and windproof. They feature  ergonomic grips so that the hand rests in a natural position to prevent cramping. Golf umbrellas often include automatic open & closing mechanisms for hassle-free use. You can find golfing umbrellas in many colors and patterns, some are customizable to include your organization’s or a sponsor’s logo. 

Golf Balls

The better your golfers play on the day of your tournament, the better time they’ll have. Did you know the ball you use can make a difference in a number of ways? Some golf balls fly a longer distance and some allow the player to have more “feel” of the shot, while others make it easier to impart more backspin. Why not set your players up for success with some premium golf balls?  Impress them with The Warbird golf ball,  a two-piece distance ball, power-packed with value and a firm 90 compression core. Packaged three to a sleeve, this pack of 24 Golf Balls is sure to be welcomed by your event attendees.  

Cigar Holder

Golf Cigar Clip Promotional ItemCigars and golf are a natural pairing. Spending several hours on the green surrounded by friends, it’s easy to see why so many enjoy a good smoke during their day on the course. With a good cigar lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, players need something to hold it while they’re playing, without disrupting the pace of play. 

The Stage V Clinger features a flexible ribbed clamp that respects the fine construction of cigars. It adjusts to fit all common cigar sizes without crushing, pinching, or tearing the wrappers.

In addition to two high-strength magnets, it comes with a wraparound Velcro strap that can be attached to golf bags. The high-yield spring steel construction stands up to the elements on the links.

While a cigar holder can certainly add to your players’ enjoyment of the day, we’ve yet to hear that the this product will lower any handicaps.

August 20, 2019 by Charles Graff

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