Dave takes a look at 5 Gift Ideas for Cigar Enthusiasts just in time for the holidays. Some of these will be able to arrive before Christmas, some won’t. We’ll annotate it in the description.

$14.99 Stage V Clinger: - Amazon Prime

Surprisingly helpful, the Stage V Clinger could be used in more ways than just a golf cart. I’ve used it several times as a cigar rest in various places myself, and I can imagine it being rigged to the back of a glove for the winter months.

$39.99 Cigar Saveur: We also did a full write up with pictures here: They bill on the 15th of each month (unless you’re ordering for the first time) and ship by the 1st. 

$85 Morpheus Solo Tray:
I’ve only had this ash tray for a few days now, but it’s now my official on-the-move accessory along with a lightweight cutter and torch. It has just enough weight to it to make you feel like a Champ but not too much to be cumbersome.

Also... it's not scratch resistant, it's corrosion resistant. Oops!

$99 Cigar Legend: And here's our interview video:

I’m a big fan of the Cigar Legend and I really do consider it the perfect gift for the guy/gal that has it all. Unless they already have one, in which case I’d refer you below!

$169 The Weekender:

You may know him on Instagram as @BlueGoldMan. Solid dude, solid concept. I’m only sad that I haven’t pulled the trigger before this video because I’m sure the Weekender performs better than expected.


January 13, 2017 by Aalap Shah

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