When choosing a cigar to smoke, picking the right size is essential. There are many different factors, but the first aspect to investigate is which size & shape you need. Lighting up an expensive double corona for a quick smoke break will likely lead to waste. For this reason, it’s good to have a game plan when you smoke.

Despite what people may think, there is no perfect cigar size. Determining what’s necessary depends entirely on your preferences & how long you will be smoking for. There are many types of cigars, & each one is advantageous in specific situations. Size will not only impact the draw, but it will also impact how much time you spend smoking it.

Picking the Right Cigar Size

When grabbing a cigar, the first point to focus on is the ring gauge. This is the diameter of the cigar measured in 1/64 inch increments. A 32 ring gauge is a half-inch, while a 64 ring gauge is a whole inch in diameter. While this is massive, most cigars fall between a 32 and 52 ring gauge. 

Surprisingly, the ring gauge has a huge effect on the coolness of the smoke. A larger gauge cigar will normally have an easier draw. This is because the filler leaves have more access to air, making it burn easier. The increased air flow makes the smoke cooler, which makes any session more enjoyable. If you like to gently smoke your cigar, a larger ring gauge will be more appealing.

On the other hand, smoking a smaller ring gauge will differ wildly. Many compare the draw to drinking a thick milkshake through a straw. The pull will be noticeably harder, & the smoke will be a bit harsher. This isn’t meant to discourage enjoying smaller ringed sticks. Some people prefer huffing & puffing during a smoke session, so let your preference be your guide.

Another factor to look for when picking a ring gauge is comfort. Holding a fat cigar between your teeth will make you drool, which will moisten the tobacco & ruin the taste. This means that the brunt of the weight will have to be supported by your lips. Not everyone has the same sized mouth, so size preference depends entirely on the person.

Some people can’t support the weight of a fat cigar without having their jaw ache. For this reason, a smaller ring cigar may be more appropriate for a petite smoker. This isn’t a written law, since some smokers prefer to light up cigars that dwarf them. Everyone’s mouth is unique, so test out how much weight you can comfortably hold.

The second most important quality to examine is the length of the cigar. This will determine how much time it takes to finish it, so pick accordingly. Putting out a cigar & relighting it later is possible, but everyone agrees that a fresh smoke can’t be beaten.

This makes it essential to plan ahead before you light up. If it’s a cold winter day, the last thing you want is to freeze to death on your porch. Picking a shorter sized stick for undesirable smoking situations will save your sanity. If you are in a hurry, go short. By the same principle, save the long cigars for social situations & enjoyable weather. This will give you more time to enjoy the experience with others.

These simple rules will help you get the most out of your cigars. Picking the right size will provide the ideal stick for any occasion. It’s always a good day to smoke a cigar, but picking the right cigar takes it to the next level. Smoking like a veteran isn’t just more enjoyable, it’s exactly what you deserve!

April 03, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield

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