REVIEW: Stage V Cigar Clinger

Written by: Adam Fonseca


If you enjoy smoking a cigar while playing a round of golf, chances are you’ve had the experience of worrying about where to put down your cigar while you swing. The new Stage V Cigar Clinger is a great solution to a nuisance that plagues cigar smoking golfers across the globe.

Made of steel and available in multiple colors, the Stage V Cigar Clinger uses a strong neodymium magnets and a unique velcro wrap-around to attach your holder to any object. The clamp gently holds your favorite cigar in place and off of the golf course ground which, if you didn’t know, IS FULL OF CHEMICALS AND PESTICIDES YOU SICKO.

Think of the Stage V Cigar Clinger as your cigar “caddie” that will keep your cigars protected — even while lit.

I found the clamp to be versatile enough to affix to any metal surface, including my golf cart’s canopy arms. This made enjoying a cigar even more possible while playing my golf round without having to worry about where I would leave it when it was my turn to hit a golf shot.

Even better: the Stage V Cigar Clinger is compact enough to fit in any pocket of my golf bag and strong enough to share a pocket with golf balls, tees, or any other accessories.

This is a perfect gift for the cigar-smoking golfer in your life, especially this holiday season. I’ve tried a lot of different cigar holders, but the Stage V Cigar Clinger is far and away the best I’ve tried.

The clamp retails for $12.99 each and can be found at the company website:


Adam Fonseca

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January 19, 2017 by Aalap Shah

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