Even though Cuba has stolen the spotlight, there are plenty of other countries that grow amazing tobacco. This notorious island isn’t the only place with ideal micro-climates, so plenty of countries produce equally impressive tobacco. Their premium leaves make some of the best cigars in the world. Like Cuba, there are a slew of countries with a deep passion for producing cigars. These products are hand rolled works of art that are revered by aficionados around the world. They may not be as well known to new comers, but any seasoned smoker will instantly recognize these countries’ products.

Fidel Castro didn’t just revolutionize Cuba, he unintentionally caused the entire industry to migrate. As soon as he took power, many of the country’s top tobacco producers fled his oppressive regime. This caused Cuba’s best genetics to be taken to neighboring Central American countries. Their climates are eerily similar to Cuba’s, but the producers were forced to adapt to the subtle climate changes.

The following genetic modifications gave birth to a slew of hybrids. Many argue that these surpass Cuban tobacco, which isn’t as bold of a claim as it sounds. Even though Cuban cigars are the most notorious, there are countless international brands with equally potent products. It’s no longer a monopoly, which is a godsend for avid cigar smokers. For this reason, it’s essential to explore new options when picking up a new cigar brand. We have compiled a list of 3 countries that produce tobacco that’s on par with Cuba’s. Prepare to be blown away by these surprising tobacco oasis’s!

3 Countries That Produce Amazing Tobacco

Country #1: Dominican Republic – Cuba may be the most famous, but they can’t beat the long heritage of cigar production in the Dominican Republic. This illustrious history pre-dates Cuba’s cigar production, which makes the Dominican Republic the true pioneer of premium tobacco.

On top of doing it the longest, the taste of their tobacco is unmatched. It’s notoriously light & smooth, making it the perfect flavor for premium cigars. Out of all the Dominican cigar brands, heavy hitters such as Arturo Fuente & Montecristo steal the show. La Flor Dominicana is yet another Dominican brand that has earned the respect of cigar aficionados around the world. These brands are irreplaceable, so treat your palate with their unique flavors!

Country #2: Nicaragua – Like many Central American countries, Nicaragua owes its most potent tobacco genetics to Castro’s revolution. Right after Cuba became communist, Nicaragua was flooded with the country’s finest rollers. After escaping Cuba, they set up shop in Nicaragua’s lush, humid climate. They created some exceptional hybrids, & now the country is a tobacco producing powerhouse.

Nicaraguan tobacco isn’t just unique, it’s extremely powerful. They are renowned for their bold spicy flavors. The most beloved cigar brands from Nicaragua are My Father, Padron & Perdomo. Their roots may be in Cuba, but their flavor is undeniably Nicaraguan! Wind down a long day with a potent cigar from this tropical Central American country. 

Country #3: Honduras – Their thriving tobacco industry is yet another product of Castro’s takeover of Cuba. After leaving the island, this was the first place that embraced Cuba’s Corojo tobacco. It adapted marvelously to the climate, & gave birth to some of the best tobacco in the world.

Honduran tobacco is outrageously dark, making it a staple in dessert cigars. The flavors are equally exotic, with strong earthy notes. These unique characteristics have made Honduran cigars some of the most revered brands in the world. From established classics like Camacho to newer brands like Room 101, there’s something for everyone. This unmatched versatility helped Honduran tobacco earn its place in any respectable smoker’s humidor.

April 15, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield

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