Even though cigars can be found in any city, some releases are so rare that getting a hold of them is nearly impossible. From commemorative releases to limited edition rolls, plenty of premium cigars are extremely hard to find. This isn’t surprising, since the amount of cigars imported into the U.S. every year is absolutely staggering. In 2017 alone, over 330 million premium cigars were shipped to America. This is the highest importation levels since the end of the cigar boom in 1998.

Faced with growing number of competition, many manufacturers are turning to rare blends to entice customers. On top of using complex combinations of fillers and elaborate casings, they are offering a growing number of extremely rare releases. These sticks are so hard to attain that their mystique is next to legendary. Customers are willing to pay outrageous prices just to get their hands on them, which is only fueling a greater demand.

Now that premium cigars are common, aficionados are shifting their sites on rare releases. These cigars provide a rare glimpse of blends that manufacturers only dared to create in small batches. On top of being exceptional releases, the difficulty of finding them only makes them more coveted. To highlight which cigars are most elusive, we compiled a list of the rarest cigars in the world. These sticks are harder to find than most fugitives, so don’t hesitate to try them if you have the chance!

Rarest Cigars in the Market

Cigar Release #3: Cohiba Behike – To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Cohiba introduced a limited edition cigar that blew clients away. This stick boasts premium Seco, Ligero and Volado filler leaves that come from Vegas of San Juan y Martinez. This symphony of flavors is complimented by a rare “Medio tiempo” tobacco leaf. This comprises of the two top leaves of sun-grown plants, which adds a noticeable burst of flavor.

When these cigars debuted in 2006, they were hailed as some of Cohiba’s best offerings. This was welcome news, since each box of ten retailed for over a thousand dollars. Due to their high demand and low supply, these are some of the hardest cigars to find. To help combat counterfeits, these cigars sport two holograms on their bands. Despite these security measures, there are still plenty of counterfeits. Avoid getting ripped off by only purchasing a box!

Cigar #2: Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Millennium – In 2000, Padrón ran a promotion that consisted of 1,000 humidors. Each one consisted 100 of their Millennium series cigars. Due to their exquisite taste, these cigars were an immediate hit. With only 100,000 cigars in circulation, this is one of the rarest cigars in the world. They have been hunted down by aficionados for almost two decades, so finding one in 2019 is next to impossible!

Cigar #1: Cuban Davidoff 80 Aniversario – Out of all the vintage Cuban producers, none are more revered than Davidoff cigars. Even after being discontinued in 1991, the company’s legacy is still intact. Everything from their Dom Perignon to Chateau Yquem sell for staggering amounts at auctions. Out of all their robust collections, none are more treasured than the Davidoff 80 Aniversario. This 9-inch release was made to commemorate Zino Davidoff’s 80th birthday. Boasting a selection of flavors that border on legendary, this is undoubtedly the rarest cigar on the market.

January 21, 2019 by Nathaniel Mansfield

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