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      Cigar Lounge Etiquette

      Cigar Lounges may come in different styles, but some rules apply to all of them. When it comes to smoking cigars, cigar lounges are sacred. They provide a safe place for cigar aficionados to share their favorite sticks without judgment. Like any holy place, there are certain things that should never happen on their premises.

      While most cigar lounge etiquette is obvious, some guidelines might surprise a new comer. For this reason we have compiled a list of rules to follow that will make you welcome at any lounge. Prepare to act like a seasoned veteran with this epic list of cigar lounge commandments!

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      How to Build A Wineador

      Building your first wineador is a rewarding & eye opening process. It puts you in the driver’s seat by creating your cigars’ new home. With the proper guidance you can make the perfect storage solution that will last for years. We know it can be a little overwhelming, but once you have the blueprint creating your first wineador is surprisingly easy.

      To achieve the proper construction there are a lot of sites to sift through. For this reason we have condensed everything you need to know into one article. Prepare to be enlightened as you embark on this exciting new project!

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      Types of Cigar Humidors and How They Work

      Everyone knows about humidors, but few know how complex they can be. Even though they come in different sizes & are built with different materials, the same criteria must be met. On top of keeping cigars from drying out, humidors must also repel tobacco beetles. When picking a humidor, there are more options than you think. Each type of humidor has its strongpoints which are highlighted in the price.

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      Best Cuban Cigar Brands

      There are a lot of cigars produced around the world, but none are more infamous than Cubans. America’s 50 year old embargo on Cuba’s finest export has made them the ultimate forbidden fruit. Every year, cigar aficionados around the world clamor for the best Cuban cigars.

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      The Best American Cigar Brands

      America’s infatuation with cigars goes deep into the roots of its glorious history. We are neighbors with Cuba, so it’s no surprise that their influence was huge on the U.S. cigar industry. From Connecticut to Florida, cigar production remains alive & well. The bonanza may have calmed down, but cigars continue to be an essential part of our culture.

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