When people first start smoking cigars, picking the right types is key. These are going to be the ambassadors of a wildly complex industry, so they have to do it justice. There are plenty of flavors to try, so the first cigars need to cover all the bases. Since first impressions are everything, the first cigars can make or break a person’s career. These will give the smoker some invaluable insight on what’s available. There are countless different styles, so the possibilities are endless. Even more importantly, these cigars will allow the user to discover which tastes appeal to them.

At first, it’s hard to guide yourself without a developed palate. Once someone realizes what they like, they can explore more options. This is a groundbreaking moment, since it’s where the smoker takes control. There will still be surprises, but finding a favorite style puts the client in the driver’s seat. From there, they can experiment with more brands. Since the first cigars are so essential, we created a list of 5 cigars every new smoker should try. They will open up doors to a whole new world, so prepare to explore your options!

3 Cigars Every New Smoker Should Try

Cigar #3: CAO Gold Vintage – If you are having a hard time deciding between a mild or medium bodied smoke, this is for you. This cigar starts off light with a smooth, creamy flavor. As things progress, it slowly starts sporting medium-bodied characteristics. This is the best of both worlds, & it gives first time smokers something to celebrate.

CAO achieves this beautiful balance by wrapping this line in Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. They were produced in 2004, so the taste stays consistent. While the wrapper is superb, the tobacco on the inside is just as impressive. It features a perfect mix of Nicaraguan & Cuban-seed Honduran tobacco. You can’t go wrong with CAO, so try this versatile release!

Cigar #2: Avo Classic – These mild cigars are the perfect introduction for first time smokers. This line is renowned for its enjoyable taste & consistent burn. Each classic is wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper, which amplifies its creamy taste. The smoke isn’t harsh at all, which makes it perfect for a novice.

This is a great preview of Avo’s impressive catalogue of cigars. The company was created by master pianist Avo Uvezian, so their attention to detail is unmatched. Over the years, they have made a name for themselves by consistently producing exceptional cigars. Don’t hesitate to try more of their inventory if the Classic wins you over!

Cigar #1: Ashton Aged Maduro – After trying this full-bodied cigar, it’s easy to see how it took the market by storm. It offers a burst of flavors that are perfect after wrapping up a good meal. Ashton wanted to create the ideal full-bodied experience, & many claim that they succeeded with this cigar.

It features hints of spice, leather, nuts & coffee. This combination of bold flavors creates a delightful experience. For this reason, this should be the first full-bodied cigar that anyone should smoke. It will set the standard, & let them know if full-bodied sticks are right for them. Wrap up your night with this surprisingly sophisticated cigar!

April 03, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield

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