Discover the Wildest Cigars Ever Made

Faced with stiff competition, some cigar producers decided to make cigars that defy all reason. These cigars are freaks of nature, but they are incredibly entertaining to examine. In an industry that prides itself on celebrating individuality, it’s no surprise that it’s created some outrageous products. From bejeweled accessories to larger-than-life sizes, these models prove that the sky is the limit when making a unique cigar. These sticks broke the mold, which is refreshing since they help revive the industry.

Cigar production was always based on creativity, but some producers went too far. They created novelty items that no normal aficionado can buy. Even though they are practically unattainable, these outlandish designs deserve to be showcased. For this reason, we compiled a list of the wildest cigars on the market. They all sport shocking features, so prepare to be blown away by these rebellious cigars!

Meet the Wildest Cigars on the Market

Wild Cigar #3: King of Denmark, The Royal Danish Cigar Company – Produced at a speed of 30 a day, these sticks carry a larger than life price tag. The Danish producer wanted to make a name for itself by creating something extraordinary, & innovation has its costs. Each one retails at $150, so getting your hands on one is a blessing. Even though the price is steep, it’s understandable since this stick is literally a work of art.

Unsurprisingly, this cigar is packed with luxurious amenities. On top of being rolled with premium tobacco, each one is customized with precious stones. They are all studded with multiple Swarovski crystals, wrapped in gold foil & embossed with the name of the buyer. These cigars are works of art, they put your local jeweler to shame!

Wild Cigar #2: Gran Habano No. 5 “El Gigante” – This larger than life cigar shattered records when it was released. On top of being the biggest cigar in the world, it’s also extremely expensive. Anyone who can afford to spend $185,000 can invite their friends to the smoking experience of a lifetime.

This gigantic cigar is 19 ft. long & made with 1,600 pounds of premium tobacco. Since it’s so huge, the cigar has to be smoked with a special tubing system. When hooked up properly, up to 40 people can help smoke this beast. Between the price & the challenges of properly smoking it, this is the definition of excess. It’s easily one of the most outrageous cigars ever created.

Wild Cigar #1: Mayan Sicars – While the other cigars on this list are works of art, these are part of history. Ever since the 12th century, the Mayans have perfected the art of making cigars. These hand-rolled sticks were known as sicars, & they paved the way for what we enjoy today. At the time, they were so groundbreaking that Christopher Columbus took Mayan sicars back to Europe in the 15th century.

Out of all the sikars created by the Mayans, one batch stands out from the rest. This was a small collection that was uncovered in a Guatemalan village in 2012. They are over 600 years old, but they have been miraculously well preserved. This anomaly was so stunning, that the collection sold for a whopping $507,000 at a private auction. These cigars are so impressive that smoking them should be a crime!

April 03, 2017 by Nathaniel Mansfield

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