5 Essential Cigar Accessory Questions and Answers


  1. What’s the best way to hold a cigar when you’re golfing?

Cigars and golfing go together like whiskey and Coke or Tiger Woods and bad decisions … err, I mean, Nike. It’s frustrating to have to set your cigar down on the grass or have someone else hold it for you while you take your shot. This is why a cigar clip is an integral accessory to have with you when you’re on the green. This sturdy cigar clip keeps your cigar intact and protected while you golf. All you have to worry about is avoiding that bogey.  

  1. What’s the best cigar cutter to use?

Cutting your cigar properly is not only essential to keeping it intact, it’s also important for the draw. One bad cut could ruin your cigar. The cutter you choose will depend on factors like size of cigar and personal preference.

 You’ll need the right cutting tools in order to get the job done. One of the most inexpensive options is the Guillotine cigar cutter. This tool can be either single or double-bladed, but many opt for the double-bladed variety, as it typically provides a cleaner cut.

Cigar scissors are another popular option that cut your cigars swiftly and precisely every time. However, it may be worth it to splurge on higher-quality scissors – then you won’t have to risk squishing your cigar with each attempted cut.

If you enjoy smaller ring gauge cigars, a V-cut may be the best tool to use. This particular cutter creates a notched hole in the end of your cigar, allowing you to draw more air.

Whichever cutter you chose to use, make sure to cut your cigar in a swift, fluid motion. Cutting it slowly can cause uneven tearing and unraveling.

  1. Where should I store my cigar cutter?

Always store your cigar cutter in the same location – this ensures that you never misplace it. If you humidor has magnets built-in to the underside of the lid, you can store your cutter there where it will stay untouched until its next use.

If your humidor doesn’t have that capability, you can purchase a leather case to keep your cutter and other cigar accessories in good condition.

  1. What size humidor is recommended?

The answer to this question largely depends on how many cigars you’re wanting to store. However, it’s a much safer bet to opt for a large humidor because if you end up with more cigars, you won’t have to cram them into the case. Having a larger humidor is especially important if you have flavored or infused cigars, because they’re less likely to have an effect on the non-flavored cigars.

  1. What’s better: A humidor with a glass or wood top?

Choosing between glass or wood is really a matter of personal preference. However, if you opt for a humidor with a glass top, you won’t have to open it up in order to check your humidity reading.

June 04, 2015 by Charles Graff
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