Your Guide to Cigar Accessories

Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned cigar smoker, you are going to need certain tools to get the most out of your cigars. Thankfully the internet allows you to sort through accessories from around the world to customize your smoking experience. In this article we will cover the basic accessories that you need & focus on showing you how to choose the perfect option for your needs.

Cigar Holder Essentials

When it comes to cigar accessories, the sky is the limit. In the end your level of enthusiasm & budget will have the final say in what you buy. However, there are two essential tools that no cigar smoker should be without; a cigar cutter & a humidor.

Cigar Cutters

The proper cigar cutter makes the difference between a smooth enjoyable smoke & a nightmarish mouth full of raw tobacco pieces. You can go with a traditional guillotine cutter or branch out and use V Cut cigar cutters or special cigar scissors. Each of the fore mentioned cutters are inexpensive, classy & will give you the clean cut that your cigars deserve.

But if you are smoking on the go you should look into punch cutters. These remarkable cutters are extremely compact & save you the hassle of carrying around a bulky full bodied cutter. The best part is that they are almost impossible to lose since they come with a key chain ring attached!

Cigar Humidor

All cigars’ taste & texture are preserved by one thing: humidity. A stale cigar has lost its unique flavor and can make smoking even the finest cigar a painful chore. Luckily for cigar aficionados humidors allow us to store cigars for long periods of time & preserve the flavors that we love. No matter what your needs are & what you are willing to spend, there is a humidor that is perfect for you. The three types of humidors that we will cover in this article are wooden humidors, compact travel humidors & cabinet humidors.

Wooden humidors range from hand crafted masterpieces that feature glass tops & military emblems to simple yet elegant square boxes. They are normally made out of cedar, cherry or ebony wood. They are great because the wood artfully balances the humidity and is carefully regulated to make sure that your cigars stay in their prime. Prices range depending on the wood, model & size.

Travel Humidors are compact & can be made from wood or plastic. They are perfect for the cigar smoker who is on the move, making transporting cigars on trips a breeze. Both wooden & plastic travel humidors will keep your cigars fresh, intact & ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice. They can be bought for as little as $14 and are a good choice for any cigar enthusiast.

Cabinet humidors are for the cigar smoking veteran & not needed for the occasional cigar smoker. They can hold massive quantities of your favorite cigars & provide an elegant touch to any room. They can be as tall as a nightstand or compete with your biggest dresser. When you own one you know that you are on top of your cigar smoking game. Prices range wildly depending on which style, size & brand you get.

In the end you are in charge of what you are willing to invest in your cigar smoking lifestyle. Let your passion and budget guide you to the right option for you and your home. Just don’t forget the basics; a cutter and a humidor.


August 30, 2015 by Charles Graff

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