Cigar Holders & Cigar Clips Basics

If you are going to smoke cigars like a champion you need to know a few tricks to get the most out of your smoking experience. In this post, we will go over two lesser known but equally important tools that every cigar enthusiast should have; cigar holders & cigar clips.

Cigar Holders

Whether you are having a night out playing poker or enjoying a family reunion holding a cigar in your hand for an hour is tiring and one wild gesture can lead to you burning holes in your clothes and furniture. For this reason cigar holders let you focus on interacting while your cigar safely smolders where you choose, ready to be picked back up at a moment’s notice.

In life, the smallest details make the biggest difference. Cigar Holders are no exception with their sleek, compact & practical design. They can be made of wood, nylon, stone or metal but they all allow you to free up your hands and enjoy yourself.

Our personal favorite is of course, our very own Stage-V Clinger. This creative cigar holder attaches to the dashboard of cars, boats & golf carts. It allows you to rest your cigar on its compact surface, perfectly angled to keep your cigar secure without having to have your cigar manhandled by a clip. Deep down we all want the option to freely grab our cigar and keep puffing without having to undo any clips. This is the best tool that lets you stay safely in control while having free access to your cigar on your weekend trip or sunny day at the lake.

Cigar Clips

Cigar clips rely less on balance and more on ingenious design to let you access your cigar in the middle of your favorite activities. While not quite as convenient as Cigar Holders, Cigar Clips do maintain a fierce competition by allowing you to clip your cigar securely into place. Whether you are driving your golf cart at full speed or weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway, Cigar Clips have you covered. You can snap your cigar securely into place for later or keep it burning and unclip it when the time is right.

While most people could confuse Cigar Clips with Cigar Holders, there is one amazing version of the cigar clips that deserves a special mention in this article. Everyone knows that the most flavorful part of the cigar is when it is smoked down to its last inch, so why throw it away? Spare your fingers the agony of trying to indulge in the last bit by letting the Stage-V Clinger take the heat for you. This clip allows you to firmly grasp your cigar without putting your hands in danger. Thanks to this new Cigar Clip you can now enjoy the richest part of your favorite smoke without sacrificing your fingertips for flavor. We all want to enjoy the richest part of our cigars, but you don’t have to be a hero with this amazing clip!

September 01, 2015 by Charles Graff

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