How to Cut a Cigar

Even though there are plenty of cigar accessories, only one will properly fix a tight draw. Everyone knows about the basic tools that no cigar lover should be without: humidor, cigar cutter, lighter & ashtray. But only dedicated cigar aficionados know what will bring a tightly rolled stick back to life.

As a cigar smoker, sooner or later you will be faced with a stick that has a terrible draw. No matter how you cut a cigar it or how fiercely you pull, the smoke will continue to elude you. Unfortunately, no cigar tool will save you 100% of the time. That’s why you need to educate yourself. To be able to properly address the issue you will need to inform yourself about the causes as well as the tools to use when all else fails.

There are many factors that contribute to a tight draw. They range from too much humidity to poor fabrication. Tight draw issues are more common in Cuban cigars, since they are hand rolled & have varying regulation. If you are huffing & puffing on a prized CC, don’t lose hope. The cure for most tightly rolled cigars is dropping the humidity in your cigar humidor. While most people hover around 65% humidity, Cuban cigars should be safely kept at 55-57% humidity. You will find that storing previously “un-smokeable” cigars at this level will allow you to enjoy them again.

 No matter what humidity you store them at, some cigars will still put up a fight. This is where the right cigar tool will save your cigar’s life. Hands down the easiest way to bring a tight cigar back to life is with the Modus Cigar tool. It’s the perfect sidekick to battle cigars that seem impossible to get a decent draw out of and it's perfect for how to cut a cigar.

At a first glance the Modus Cigar Tool looks like a lightly decorated tube. However, when you open it up you are confronted with undeniable versatility & elegance. What makes this tool stand out is the fact that it combines two extremely useful tools. It has a draw tool & a nubber, which solve two dilemmas that you may face.

When unscrewing the metal bands, you are introduced to some extremely simple hardware. On top there are two stainless steel nubber needles. All you have to do is clip these nubbers to your stick & you are good to go. These needles allow you to enjoy the last draws of the cigar without burning your fingers. Below the nubber needles is the stainless steel draw tool. The draw tool is notched to better remove small bits of tobacco. This keeps the cigar from clogging back up & lets you smoke in peace.

 While the ideal depth of the draw tool depends on your tastes, there are a few guidelines that will help. For smaller ring gauge cigars, it’s recommended that you only insert the tool about 1”. This keeps the draw tool at the first notch, & you can go deeper on the following passes. Remember to always start light & go deeper if the cigar needs it.

When it comes to opening up tight cigars, the Modus Cigar Tool reigns supreme. At 6 ¾” long & ¾” in diameter, this tool easily fits into your pocket or travel humidor. Each model features natural wood so your collection stays classy. Since this bad boy comes with a lifetime guarantee, it makes the perfect smoking companion. This is a tool that celebrates simplicity while giving you the freedom to enjoy even the tightest cigar. Its versatility is only matched by its timeless loyalty.

September 18, 2016 by Charles Graff

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